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Creative Content Internship

There was no coffee running at Power Digital Marketing. I worked to satisfy the growing queue of creative needs across Power Digital's content marketing, social media, web development, and internal marketing departments. I began producing exceptional creative for clients and internal use on day one. Here’s what I spent my time doing at PDM:

• Developing creative content strategies
• Developing cross-channel digital strategies
• Developing campaign strategies
• Designing advertisements
• Photography and video production
• Designing client emails and email templates
• Website, blog, and social media auditing

• Web design
• Brand development
• Producing branded content
• Establishing internal & client brand guidelines
• Interdepartmental collaboration & problem solving
• Producing internal and client decks
• Research

Creative Strategy
Graphic Design
Web Design

Power Digital Marketing

Branding and Identity Guidelines Book

I created Power Digital Marketing’s first brand and identity guidelines book to ensure that all of Power Digital Marketing’s branded material is consistent, cohesive, and communicates Power Digital’s credibility.

Please be aware that the book below is an unfinished work. I was unable to finish the project before the end of my internship, but I plan to complete the project and work with the web-development team to create a web page for the internal teams to use when creating branded content.

Although I designed this book, my supervisor Joe Hollerup and Ryan Picardal provided me with brand assets and constructive criticism that helped me throughout the design process. Creating this book alone, as an intern, would likely have been an insurmountable challenge. I truly appreciate all of the help and feedback Joe and Ryan provided.


• Provides brand assets
• Established brand color palette
• Established brand typefaces
• Established photographic guidelines
• Established branded photoshop actions
• Provides instructions on photo editing
• Established Instagram guidelines
• Established Facebook guidelines

Locale Advisors

Email & Template Design

Locale Advisors is a San Diego based commercial real estate investment firm focused on the acquisition of value-add and redevelopment properties throughout Southern California.

I was tasked with creating branded email templates for Locale Advisors as the web development team finished creating and rebranding their website. I implemented objective design strategies and considered future strategic usability when developing Locale’s branded email templates. Good design is well thought out and rooted in strategy. Good design is more than “making things pretty.”

I was not provided an ultimate use to which I should tailor my designs, so I created a series of interchangeable row layouts, CTAs, image treatments, and icons that the company could use for a variety of purposes in the future.

Additionally, although not a part of my task, I created these layouts with the intent to implement analytics links and events to evaluate the effectiveness of each layout in different contexts.

Leveraging analytics events and the ability to ad campaign parameters to urls would ultimately allow us to set up an effective strategic framework for email campaigns and design strategy as data is collected.

Great Design

is about more than "making things look pretty." These layouts are rooted in strategy (and they look damn good).

Interchangeable rows

With strategically designed layouts provide longevity of use, the ability to easily and strategically tailor emails for specific uses.


The ability for the design to implement and leverage analytics provides the opportunity to better understand which elements and layouts work best to guide users to terminal behaviors in specific contexts.

Objective Design

All design is subjective, but constructing a design with a systematic and logical framework contributes to the design's objectivity as well as the clarity, intelligibility, uniformity, and the credibility of the information presented.

Green Hope Vodka

Green Hope Vodka’s mission is to produce clean, organic, non-GMO spirits and is viably sourced from USDA certified organic family farms. Green Hope donates 1% of its total sales to the California Certified Organic Farming Foundation. I dig that.

I designed a card for Green Hope to include in their product shipments, gift baskets, and on tables for their events. The card was approved by Green Hope and will be used by the client.

I also created a sales deck for Green Hope to use to introduce and pitch their products to large retailers. This deck was approved by Green Hope and will be used in future sales presentations.

Finally, I collaborated with Joe Hollerup to produce social media campaign templates and to develop Green Hope’s cross-channel digital advertising strategy - both of which were approved and implemented by Green Hope.

Green Hope Card

I designed this card for Green Hope to include in their product shipments, gift baskets, and on tables for their events. The card was approved by Green Hope and will be used by the client.

Sales Deck

The sales deck I created for Green Hope will be used to introduce and pitch their products to retailers. Specific areas were intentionally left blank so that Green Hope could include and change their copy when needed.